A little bit about me

I'm Woncho, creator of this website.

I've been hitchhiking since 2007 and created this website to chronicle my adventures and the shit I get myself into.

I wanna help others travel more while spending less. If I can hitchhike with only $60 in my pocket to NYC and stay there for 3 months and come back to Texas with $160, you got no excuse! With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can really do whatever you want.

Other than family trips to nearby cities I wasn't a big traveler and was always envious of my friends and other classmates growing up going to places like LA, Chicago, and NYC and other big cities. I always thought about how lame it was that our family only went to Oklahoma City and Houston.

So I stopped blaming my circumstances and decided I wanted to do something about it. At 18, after a high school breakup, I decided to try a personal experiment by voluntarily going homeless in downtown Dallas staying in homeless shelters and blogging about the experience on MySpace.

After the experience, my life was changed. I was hooked. What's like being homeless for a week, I really thought it was an interesting and insightful experience. I'll go hitchhiking. I don't know anyone who does it. I didn't read about it. It just sounds like fun. Fuck it. Lets go.

The next summer, I decided to go hitchhiking with one of my closest friends to visit someone in Philadelphia. 

I'll never forget getting into my first 18-wheeler. Manny. He let us eat all his food; we made rotisserie chicken sandwiches with Louisiana hot sauce and biting into fresh jalepenos. Manny took us straight from Dallas, Texas to Colombus, Ohio. Dude this was so easy, any obstacle I previously had turned out to be just made up in my head. Everything is easy if you just quit overthinking shit and experiment. I didn't spend shit. I was broke and I didn't care, I just wanted adventure and I got it.

Big Bend.jpg


Where you are now: right now i'm in post production with my hitchhiking documentary that is taking way too long to complete (but it'll be done soon hopefully) 

Where you want to be: i want to be the next asian anthony bourdainget paid to travel the world, eat interesting food, and document my adventures to inspire others to travel.

Hope one day to get paid to share my travel experiences.