A little bit about me

I'm Woncho, creator of this website.

I've been hitchhiking since 2007 and created this website to chronicle my adventures and the shit I get myself into.

I wanna help others travel more while spending less. If I can travel hitchhike with only $60 in my pocket, hitchhike to NYC and stay there for 3 months and come back to Texas with $160, you got no excuse. With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness (I mean being really fucking resourceful), you can do whatever you want buddy.

Other than family trips to nearby cities to Houston and OKC, I wasn't a big traveler and was always envious of my friends and other classmates growing up going to places like LA, Chicago, and NYC. I always thought about how lame it was that our family only goes  to Oklahoma City and Houston.

So I stopped blaming my circumstances and decided I wanted to do something about it. At 18, after a high school breakup, I decided to try a personal experiment by voluntarily going homeless in downtown Dallas staying in homeless shelters and blogging about the experience on MySpace.

After the experience, my life was changed. I was hooked. So I figured what's like being homeless? I'll go hitchhiking. I don't know anyone who does it. I didn't read about it. It just sounds like fun and I said fuck it lets try it. 

The next summer, I decided to go hitchhiking with Joey one of my closest friends to visit my current best friend in Philadelphia. 

I'll never forget getting into my first 18-wheeler. Manny. He let us eat all his food; we made rotisserie chicken sandwiches with Louisiana hot sauce and biting into fresh jalepenos. Manny took us straight from Dallas, Texas to Colombus, Ohio. Dude this was so easy, any obstacle I previously had turned out to be just made up in my head. Everything is easy if you just quit overthinking shit and experiment. I didn't spend shit. I was broke and I didn't care, I just wanted adventure and I got it.

Big Bend.jpg


Where you are now: right now i'm in post production with my hitchhiking documentary that is taking way too long to complete (but it'll be done soon) 

Where you want to be: i want to be the next asian anthony bourdainget paid to travel the world, eat interesting food, and writing about my adventures. next up, write a book about the adventures, and keep documenting cool shit

Hope one day to get paid to share my travel experiences.